Shame for Creative...

I have been a happy user of Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value card for a long while. I bought it in the Windows Me era, and it worked great there. In Windows 2000 the Creative software did not provide the full experience I had on Windows 98/Me. In Windows XP the card just goes with the drivers and no additional software is fully installed. So, I really experienced the gradual removal of features for an older product. And now for Vista, the current Creative drivers are really bad. So bashing a person for taking incentive in his own hands is even more bad from the PR point of view. Looks like the Creative will never learn how to live in the open source world... Since in that case the code would be already accessible, modifiable and redistributable. And the overall word for the Creative products would be even better. But they don't really want to do that.

In short: no more Creative sound cards for me for a good while. That's sure :(



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