Defeat stupid quotes on web forum

Once in a while someone writes a smart (in his own opinion) rebuttal, but inside puts one of the stupid quotes. Here's how to cleverly defeat that:

"What's the point of this operating system?"

Say you and your wife decide to have another baby. After a lot of hard work, she gets pregnant. After nine difficult months and the troubles of childbirth, you bring a new beautiful little person into this world. You could not be happier. This is the best moment of your life.

Then imagine me walking in, and saying: "What's the point in yet another human being?"

Other annoying quotes are at the original site: http://www.osnews.com/story/21944/The_10_Most_Annoying_Things_in_Internet_Comments


Linux is for smart people

This is precious, so far I have never read such a nice post like this:

It's hard to convince Joe and Mary User to convert to Linux when the first things you hear from them are: "Where's my <insert stupid application here>?" "Why can't I just have <insert ridiculous thing here>?" or the ever-popular "This doesn't work like <insert overpriced application here>?" Honestly, it's enough to make me want to tell them to "just buy a Mac and stop calling me." Linux, after all, is for smart people and I really don't find any reason to "dumb it down" for the general population.