Ballmer: We'll outsmart open source


"Linux is a serious competitor," said Ballmer. "We have to compete with free software, on value, but in a smart way. We cannot price at zero, so we need to justify our posture and pricing. Linux isn't going to go away--our job is to provide a better product in the marketplace."

And Thomas Lee said about "most valued professionals" on Microsoft platform:

The [MVP] title is highly regarded. "You are recognized by your peers, not by an exam that you can cheat in." Linux and its community have a symbiotic relationship, he said: "You don't have that same thing at Microsoft, but there are people who are passionate and technical who are committed to doing a great job."

In FOSS, such people are called Hackers, or the White Hats (compare with Black Hat).


Jeremy said...

Please read over the original interview again, Thomas Lee (an MCT) actually made the second statement that you note as Ballmer.

Ballmer isn't that bright..... Thomas is. I should know, I worked for Ballmer and with Thomas during those very years in which the original interviews were conducted

SirYes said...

Corrected that. Thanks!