Why I am not going to use Slackware - yet

Out of curiosity I installed Slackware 12.0 today. Somehow I haven't really liked it.

The truth about pkgtool is not that it doesn't exist, but that it doesn't do any dependency checking

This is not to say that Slackware packages don't have dependencies, but rather that its package manager doesn't check for them. Dependency management is left up to the sysadmin, and that's the way we like it.

But I don't like it - personally I prefer the Debian package management.

So many things to do manually - when I know better ways to spend my time...

Slackware really got better recently with version 12. It has both good and bad characteristics:
  • 2.6.21 kernel (not to say I run on 2.6 line for three years already)
  • still uses LILO by default (I prefer GRUB, really)
  • the installer looks dated
  • and the overall feel is that if I had no previous experience with Linux, I think I'd be lost
  • default package management is awful, even Gentoo has a better approach
So no plain vanilla Slackware for me now. I will try Zenwalk Linux instead.

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