#40 Apple Products - Stuff White People Like


Best comments:
“Never tried Linux, but I have friends that swear by it, however my software won’t run on it.”

Linux users are like American soccer fans–they smugly predict that their fetish will take America by storm “any day now!”, and every year when nobody has bothered to give a crap about their obsession, they revel in being one of the select few who “gets it” instead of the rest of the troglodytes in society. Makes them feel better about enjoying something so relentlessly unpopular.

Oh, and if I want to upgrade the memory in a Sony I don’t have to buy a whole new computer because they don’t solder the memory to the motherboard like Mac does.

Oh I’m jealous because I don’t have one. Is that like the Prius owner saying I’m poor because I don’t have one. Yeah, I have five laptops and refuse to pay twice the amount of money for a PC with a Mac case that runs an OS designed so that any idiot can use it without f-ing it up because, well, I actually know what I’m doing.

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