A minty experience leaves a pleasant taste

Relation from transitioning a "typical user" from Windows to Linux. Interesting and funny one, too.

Knowing what sort of computer user type this person is I decided to make sure I chose the right distribution for them. After careful thought and a bit of google trolling (in the searching sense of the word) I decided to give Linux Mint a go. So I backed up their computer and settled down to install Mint.

Naturally the install went without a hitch. [...] Note the only changes I made were upgrading wine and installing amsn. Everything else I left as is.

I called them over and spent a couple of minutes showing them where their data is and left them to it. After a while I checked in to see if there were any problems. There were none so I let them be. Suddenly they stormed out and shouted "This G.D. computer is so user friendly!!" [...]

Every now and then other exclamations burst forth such as "This is great!", "It's like a new computer" and more. Each time the old liquid pump almost burst under the pressure of pride at a new assimilation.

I did not have to do any training. I did not have to do any hand holding although, I fully expected to have to. This person found exactly what they needed and could do everything they could do before. The things they are most happy about? They are free of windows virus's, their computer runs fast again and is easy to use. So I am very happy with my choice of Mint for them as are they. The Mint developers have made a very good distribution and it has suited this person to the T. It is the first time I used Mint and I have to admit, I was impressed.

That's truly opposite to one of the previous entries, Linux is for smart people. It's almost as good as one of the Helios writings ;-) Which brings us to the point that people are not necessarily stupid when they use Windows - but they are rather afraid of change or don't want to invest enough time to understand and assimilate the differences.


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