Real men don't attack straw men

For the historical record:


In short: Richard Stallman, the GNU creator, says in his own particular idiom on the openbsd-misc mailing list that he "doesn't recommend OpenBSD". Because of his style of writing and resulting understatements people tend to treat his opinions literally, and attack him. During the following storm-o'words (aka flamewar) interesting things are being said.

In the end I've lost a great deal of respect for the original poster. This is one of the moments after which I realize that I've grown up a little more.

If/when I find time to read the story again I'm going to add quotes along with the links. Here's one for start:

The GNU Project campaigns to give software users these four essential freedoms:

Freedom 0: the freedom to run the program as you wish.
Freedom 1: the freedom to study the source code and change it so it does what you wish.
Freedom 2: the freedom to distribute exact copies to others when you wish.
Freedom 3: the freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others when you wish.


Also worth reading:

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