A Linux Valentine

Oh Linux, how do I love thee?

You're just easy to get along with. You don't get in my way or hog my system resources. You just let things be, while I do my work, check my e-mail, and chat with friends. Your package managers update all my software at once; I don't have to worry about every individual application flooding my network, checking to see if updates are available. I don't have to worry about that silly registry that would always get errors or get infected and start launching malicious software. All your software is simple to use; it's familiar; there's nothing really new to learn; I can just go about my business as usual, on rare occasion using your exquisite communities for help when the need arises. Remember when I had problems before? I'd sit on support lines, feeling like a second rate customer. Is this what all my money was paying for? But now I don't pay at all; all those thousands of dollars I save, and now I have a whole world community reaching out to help me.

And I love you too, Linux :)

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